Outdoor Kids Free Herbal Webinar

Outdoor Kids: Herbal First Aid for Summer I just realized something the other day. So…here are the main plants covered in the Herb Fairies books. Chickweed, violet, lemon balm, plantain, chamomile, calendula, marshmallow, burdock, elder, pine, rose, cinnamon and finally, dandelion. These are all safe and fun herbs to learn about. There are ENDLESS cool […]

Herb Fairies

Picture your children 15 years from now… Imagine them confidently gathering the healing herbs that grow around them. Get Herb Fairies From the creator of Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game, comes a new twist on the most ancient form of teaching. We are finally revealing the secret “children’s learning system” that Wildcraft! creator Kimberly Gallagher has been writing for nearly three years. […]

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