Outdoor Kids Free Herbal Webinar

Outdoor Kids: Herbal First Aid for Summer

I just realized something the other day.

So…here are the main plants covered in the Herb Fairies books.

Chickweed, violet, lemon balm, plantain, chamomile, calendula,
marshmallow, burdock, elder, pine, rose, cinnamon and finally,

These are all safe and fun herbs to learn about. There are ENDLESS
cool projects you can do with you kids with those herbs.

Now, what else do you notice?

That these herbs are most of the common herbs used to TREAT kids

when they have simple, day-to-day, first aid type ailments.


So, while you’re teaching your kids about herbs with Herb Fairies,
you are ALSO learning about the very same plants you can use to
treat them in common, day-to-day situations.

WOW! I didn’t even plan that! I had no idea.

So, I am not sure if you saw this yesterday, but we’re doing a
webinar TONIGHT with Dr. Aviva Romm.

She wrote Naturally Healthy Babies for Children and The
Natural Pregnancy Book
. Before graduating Yale Medical School,
she was a practicing herbalist and midwife for over 20 years.

It’s FREE…it’s TONIGHT… and it’s called…

“Outdoor Kids: Herbal First Aid for Summer”

Aviva even talks about how to use many of the herbs featured in

Herb Fairies. I saw the outline, and it’s a very simple and thorough

You have to hurry, since it’s happening tonight.

I just wanted to make the connection here between this webinar and
what I realized about Herb Fairies the other day. 🙂

Cool, eh?

Register for free here… (It’s tonight)

John from LearningHerbs

AND I almost forgot…

We are giving away a copy of Herb Fairies on the webinar tonight.

No worries if you bought it already and you win. We’ll refund you. 🙂


PPS…. (this just in on the Herb Fairies site)…

“I just have to tell you what an impact this series is making in our home.
These stories are such a seamless combination of environmental
sustainability, botanical learning, and practical first aid as well as being
extremely captivating for children. Our girls have really taken the
message of the books to heart and now want to find out as much as
they can about the healing powers of herbs so the lost art of how to
utilize their magic isn’t forgotten.

They’re already expanding on the beautiful herb journals that are provided
with this series and creating more journals about additional herbs and wanting
to scout around outside even more to see what herbs they can find, while
at the same time remembering to only pick what they need and to leave the rest of the
plant so it can keep growing and be there next year. It’s impact in our
home was felt immediately and it’s been wonderful!

Thanks so much for creating this series; it’s a wonderful tale that can bring 
families together on an adventure that will last their whole lives.”

 Outdoor Kids Free Herbal Webinar

Herb Fairies closes soon! http://herbfairies.com 

Outdoor Kids Free Herbal Webinar

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