Herb Energetics

What if you could learn the healing properties of plants by using your own body?

Herb Energetics

We’re proud to help unveil the… NEW… Herb Energetics

It’s a recently updated video course with Kiva Rose using herbs and home remedies.

This course will again be available for a limited time and the only way to find out about it is here….


HerbEnergetics.com and did we mention… they are giving away…

Module 1: The Sensory Language of Life:
An Introduction to Herbal and Human Energetics


All you have to do is enter your email address!

After you sign up, they’ll send you more announcements and YOU get the 1st Module FREE!

Herb Energetics Course


Kiva Rose is an herbalist in the Anima Medicine Woman Tradition. She teaches and practices down to earth herbalism, nutrition and healing based on the same principles our ancestors followed within an adaptive and contemporary context.

Kiva is the author of the forthcoming The Medicine Woman’s Herbal, an in depth guide to common nourishing herbs, traditional and wild foods, and healing the Medicine Woman way. She makes her home in the Mogollon Mountains of the Gila bioregion of New Mexico, where she and her partners, Wolf and Loba, live in a small off the grid cabin at the Anima Botanical and Women’s Sanctuary.




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