What’s In Your Body?

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What environmental contaminants are inside you or around you every day?

Scientists refer to the suite of environmental contaminants in people as their “body burden”. It is the consequence of lifelong exposure to industrial chemicals that are used in thousands of consumer and industrial products process, and which linger as contaminants in air, water, food, and soil. Hundreds of chemicals contaminate drinking water, household air, dust, treated tap water and food. They come from pollution, and from household products like detergent, insulation, fabric treatments, cosmetics, paints, upholstery, computers and TVs, and they accumulate in fat, blood and organs, or are passed through the body in breast milk, urine, amniotic fluid, feces, sweat, semen, hair and nails

While the only true way to know what chemicals are contained in your body is to get a comprehensive test, the following broad lifestyle questions provide a “virtual” body burden profile.

Test can be found here: http://www.ewg.org/reports/bodyburden/usertest/

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